Dear Mr Ball

Dear Mr Ball

Thank you for your letter to Sir Nicholas Serota raising your concerns about zero hours contracts at Tate. Sir Nicholas is currently away from the Gallery on Annual Leave but I will be sure to show him your letter when he returns at the end of August. In the meantime I would very much like to reassure you that Tate takes these concerns very seriously.We are aware that the use of zero hours contracts has been criticised in the media in recent weeks. We understand that you have questions about how Tate specifically uses them.

Tate Gallery, and its subsidiary Tate Enterprises Ltd, are committed to engaging members of staff with contracts and working arrangements that are fair. Tate Gallery does not employ any staff on zero hours contracts while Tate Enterprises Ltd employs 40 per cent of its staff on zero hours contracts. Staff engaged on zero hours contracts by Tate Enterprises Ltd work hours based on the employee’s agreed availability and the operational needs of the business. They also accrue holiday pay and are entitled to company sick pay.

Tate Gallery and Tate Enterprises Ltd engages people on a range of contracts appropriate to the type of work. Zero hours contracts, used by Tate Enterprises Ltd, are an effective way to manage the changes in staffing levels that are inherent in retail and catering operations. Zero hours contracts also mean that Tate can offer opportunities to those who require flexibility in their working hours and who choose not to commit to fixed hours.

Thank you again for contacting us with your concerns.

With kind regards,

Lucy Dow
Director’s Assistant
Director’s Office

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