There has been much said over the last couple of days about the sad death of Adam Yauch. What I have to offer is inconsequential, so I will keep it short, although I could say much.

I have followed the Beastie Boys since I first bought Licensed to Ill in 1986 as a Christmas or Birthday present for my brother—at his request, I’d never heard of them—and gave it a spin before I wrapped it up. From that moment, they continued to broaden and redefine my music tastes. There was almost no (popular) musical genre they wouldn’t attempt, either outright, or to try and fold it into their own aesthetic. I was lucky enough to get to see them live at Brixton Academy on the Ill Communications tour, and since that day they have remained the most exciting live band I have ever seen. I owe them a massive debt of gratitude.


Adam Yauch obituary in the Guardian

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