Dread throne

The Comic Sans dropping through my letter box appears to have eased for the time being, only to be replaced by gradients! All in aid of some woman’s diamond jubilee, and my neighbours trying to convince me to attend a street party in her honour via the medium of Word Art on A4. There’s going to be hog roast, a band, a 60s–80s discotheque, and people are being encouraged to wear red, white and blue!

As a republican and a graphic designer, I’m not sure what I object to most, the noxious event happening across the street from where I live, or the crap graphics coming through my letterbox! If this was only to be an afternoon event, then I could just make sure I take the dog out for a very long walk. However, as this is obviously going to be going on well into the evening—and knowing some of my neighbours, the small hours of the night—then I’m not sure I won’t do something rash. Maybe I should start believing in an interventionist god, then I can at least pray for rain.

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