Dubdog is resting

After many years of using the Dubdog moniker I have decided to move on and concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

Dubdog was initially coined as an overarching name for my graphic design practice many years ago. But as I have done less and less client work it has become an odd title to continue using. It has also become more difficult to explain what it is all about, and to a large extent, I have become tired of it.

In recent years, in fact ever since I produced my first book, McJunk, in 2011, I have been trying to develop my design writing. And since I jumped ship from Blogger to WordPress in 2012, I have been more discerning about what I post. However, it has now got to a stage where my professional writing doesn’t sit well alongside the more personal items I post on this site.

I have therefore started a blog dedicated to writing about design and visual culture called Field Readings, a subtitle I used here for a while. As a start, I have imported much of the design writing I am proud of from this site into that one, and started blogging afresh. (Check out the results via the link above or clicking on the image below.)


Whether I continue to post here or not for more personal stuff will remain to be seen, but I suspect this will fall by the wayside as I concentrate on developing my professional writing—there is only so much time after all, and I’m not really sure who is that interested in what I’ve got to say about music and whatnot. My biggest ‘hits’ are without a doubt those centred on graphic design.

Much like Dubdog on Blogger I will keep this site live, as there are still some posts that I haven’t migrated to Field Readings that I am proud of, and who knows, I may come back and write the odd post for things that don’t entirely fit Field Readings. But in the meantime, see you online elsewhere, (the links are still live on the Elsewhere page). Thanks for following what I’ve written here over the years.


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