O Christmas Tree

On a visit to see my mother yesterday, she convinced us that we should go to a Christmas Tree exhibition in Brightlingsea Church. Not sure what to expect, and not really being a Christmassy sort of person, I was bowled over by two of the entries.

WoolWoolybully by Zoe Aldridge got my vote for adult entry.

RocketUnfortunately I didn’t record a credit for this tree, but it got my vote for the children’s entry, (although I suspect they might have had a little help).

Most other trees were more traditional in nature, and decorated with an array of usual and unusual objects. There were Lib Dem and Tory trees, sitting at opposite ends of the church, and it is a shame that no one was brave enough to turn the adult category into an Adult category, which would have been amusing.

But despite my disagreement about most things to do with Christmas, I’d be proud to have either of the above in my front room for the last week in December.

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