Dubdog moves

Dubdog has packed its doggy bag and decided to move kennel. Since starting to blog in 2006, I’ve covered many things, but as the nature of what I write about, and how I write, has changed over the years, I have decided to up sticks from Blogger and hang up my collar over here at WordPress. Blogger has served me well over the past six years, and I would recommend it to anyone starting out, but I’ve come to the decision that WordPress has a greater respect for how it displays images and deals with third party media, as well as having more professional themes on offer. Thanks to WPShower for designing this one.

For those that are new to Dubdog, welcome to the pound. I hope you will return regularly as things unfold here. If you want to check out what I do, the old site will be archived at Blogger until they decide to close it down for non-activity. You can access it here, should you wish to, and there will remain a link from the About page on this site. There, you will also find links to my other online activities. Feel free to sniff around.

If you are an existing reader, much will be familiar to you. There will still be design critiques, posts about things I come across on a day-to-day basis, exhibition and conference reviews, typographic tantrums, and histrionic rants about whatever is pulling my tail at any particular moment. Music will continue to feature heavily. However, gone is the ‘anticipating’ list—I got fed up of posting exhibitions there and not getting round to seeing them. Current listening habits will now feature as a monthly round up and I’m currently in the planning stages of creating a dedicated page to reading habits.

Welcome to the doghouse.

  1. ric8ard said:

    Isn’t there some utility that will let you shunt your – erm, I don’t know what the correct euphemism is here: posts? entries? fleas? turds? – across to a WP site?

    I ask out of ignorance, I don’t use wp or blogger (any more)…

    ..heh, I just decided to try and authorise this post by signing in with Twitter.. for some reason this blog wants to be able to post on my twat-stream as me. Fck that for a game of soldiers… this Social media malarky is getting out of hand.

    Anyway, enjoy your new kennels.

  2. Indeed there is, but on doing so, I found the content bought across from Blogger didn’t fully take the formatting of WordPress and my OCD couldn’t cope.

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